Grants Deadlines

Research Services and Ethics Office (RSEO) Deadline for Compliance Review: Final applications must be received 5 business days prior to the agency deadline through the University Research System (UnivRS). College, school and department approval deadlines precede the RSEO deadline. Please check these deadlines with your Research Facilitator or Associate/Vice-Dean Research. 

  Anytime Applications
  NSERC Connect Grants Program
  NSERC Engage Grants (EG) Program
  NSERC Collaborative R&D (CRD) Grants
  NSERC Visiting Fellowships in Canadian Government Labs
  MITACS Student Internships (Accelerate)
  Jan 9   NSERC Idea-to-Innovation (I2I) Grant
  Jan 9   SSHRC Doctoral Awards (U of S application)
  Jan 12   SSHRC Knowledge Synthesis Grants (application)
  Jan 17   CIHR Canada-Israel Health Research Program 2017 (registration)
  Jan 25   JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship Awards
  Feb 1   NSERC Strategic Partnership Grants for Projects (LOI)
  Feb 1   SSHRC Connection Grants
  Feb 2   SSHRC Insight Development Grant (application)
  Feb 5   NIH Research Grants, R01 new Cycle I
  Feb 6   CIHR Foundation Grant (application, Stage 2)
  Feb 6   CIHR Project Grant (registration)
  Feb 14   CIHR Canada-Israel Health Research Program 2017 (application)
  Feb 15   SSHRC Partnership Grants Stage 1 (LOI)
  Feb 15   CCSRI Innovation Grant (abstract)
  Feb 22   MITACS Elevate Postdoctoral Fellowship (application)
  Mar 1   NSERC John C. Polanyi Award (nomination)
  Mar 1   NSERC Gerhard Herzberg Prize (nomination)
  Mar 1   NSERC Brockhouse Canada Prize (nomination)
  Mar 1   Summer Studentships for Cystic Fibrosis Research
  Mar 5   NIH Research Grants, R01 Cycle I (resubmission, renewal, revision)
  Mar 6   CIHR Project Grant (application)
  Mar 9   MSFHR Innovation to Commercialization (I2C) Program (LOI)
  Mar 15   SHRF Establishment Grant (application)
  Mar 15   SHRF Research Fellowship (application)
  Mar 20   Human Frontiers of Science Program (registration)
  Mar 30   Human Frontiers of Science Program (LOI)
  Mar 31   Timothy R. Parsons Award of Excellence in Ocean Sciences (nomination)
  Apr 1   NSERC Strategic Network Grants for Networks (preliminary application)
  Apr 3   NSERC Idea-to-Innovation (I2I) Grant
  Apr 5   SSHRC Impact Awards (nomination)
  Apr 8   NRSA-NIH Postdoctoral Fellowships, F Series (application)
  Apr 10   SHRF Research Connections Grant (application)
  Apr 15   Alexander von Humboldt Professorship (nomination)
  Apr 17   A. G. Huntsman Award for Excellence in the Marine Sciences (nomination)
  Apr 18   NSERC Synergy Award program (nomination)
  Apr 19   Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Research Grants (application)
  Apr 21   MSFHR Innovation to Commercialization (I2C) Program (application)
  Apr 25   Canada Research Chair (CRC) (nomination or renewal)
  May 1   NSERC CREATE Program (LOI, external)
  May 1   SSHRC Connection Grants
  May 15   Killam Research Fellowships (application)
  May 31   SHRF Sprout Grant (relevancy review intake)
  Jun 5   NIH Research Grants, R01 new Cycle II
  Jun 6   CIHR/NSERC Collaborative Health Research Projects (LOI)
  Jun 7   NSERC Strategic Partnership Grants for Projects (application)
  Jun 7   E.W.R. Steacie Fellowship (nomination)
  Jun 7   MITACS Elevate Postdoctoral Fellowship (NOI)
  Jun 12   CGS-MSFSS Foreign Study Supplements Program (application)
  Jun 14   MITACS Globalink Internships Program (proposals)
  Jun 16   SHRF Sprout Grant (relevancy review intake)
  Jun 20   Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships (U of S deadline for NOI submission)
  Jun 28   CIHR Operating Grant: Joint Programme in Neurodegenerative Disease (application)
  Jun 30   E.W.R. Steacie Prize (nomination)
  Jun 30   Canadian Mathematical Society Coxeter-James award (nomination)
  Jul 4   NSERC Idea-to-Innovation (I2I) Grant 
  Jul 5   MITACS Elevate Postdoctoral Fellowship (proposal)
  Jul 21   SHRF Sprout Grant (relevancy review intake)
  Jul 30   Prix Galien Canada Fellowship (nomination)
  Aug 1   NSERC Discovery Grants (mandatory NOI)
  Aug 1   NSERC Subatomic Physics Research Tools & Instruments Grants (NOI, Categories 2 & 3)
  Aug 1   NSERC Subatomic Physics Major Resources Support Program (NOI)
  Aug 1   SSHRC Connection Grants
  Aug 8   CIHR Foundation Grant (registration)
  Aug 8   NRSA-NIH Postdoctoral Fellowships, F Series (application)
  Aug 15   CIHR Project Grants (registration)
  Aug 15   CCSRI Innovation Grant (registration)
  Aug 18   SHRF Sprout Grant (relevancy review intake)
  Aug 25   NSERC Discovery Frontier: Biodiversity & Adaptation of Biosystems (application, if invited)
  Sep 1   NSERC Ship Time Program
  Sep 6   Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Research Grants (application)
  Sep 12   CIHR Foundation Grant (application, Stage 1)
  Sep 15   CIHR Project Grants (application)
  Sep 15   Sloan Fellowship Nominations
  Sep 19   Guggenheim Fellowship Nominations
  Sep 20   Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships (application, Ottawa deadline)
  Sep 21   SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowships (final application)
  Sep 22   NSERC CREATE Program (full application, if invited)
  Sep 22   SHRF Collaborative Innovation Development Grant (LOI)
  Sep 25   Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships Program (deadline)
  Sep 27   Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research (pre-proposal)
  Oct 1   NSERC Subatomic Physics Research Tools & Instruments Grants (application, Categories 2 & 3)
  Oct 1   NSERC Major Resources Support Program (application)
  Oct 2   NSERC Idea-to-Innovation (I2I) Grant 
  Oct 3   Cystic Fibrosis Basic and Clinical Research Grants (application)
  Oct 3   CIHR Doctoral Research Award: 2017-2018 (application)
  Oct 5   NIH Research Grants, R01 new Cycle III
  Oct 10   CGS-MSFSS Foreign Study Supplements Program (application)
  Oct 15   NSERC Canada-China Postdoctoral Fellowships Supplement
  Oct 15   NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowships
  Oct 15   SSHRC Insight Grants (application)
  Oct 15   Alexander von Humboldt Professorship (nomination)
  Oct 17   CIHR/NSERC Collaborative Health Research Projects (application)
  Oct 17   SHRF Sprout Grant (full application, if invited)
  Oct 19   Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research (pre-proposal)
  Oct 20   ACS-Petroleum Research fund (PRF) New Directions (proposal)
  Oct 25   NSERC Research Tools & Instruments Grants (application, Category 1)
  Nov 1   NSERC Discovery Grants (full application)
  Nov 1   CRM-Fields-PIMS Prize (nomination)
  Nov 1   NSERC Northern Research Supplements Program (full application)
  Nov 1   SSHRC Partnership Grants (formal application - Stage 2)
  Nov 1   SSHRC Connection Grants
  Nov 1   Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships Program (nomination)
  Nov 4   SSHRC Doctoral Awards (direct application)
  Nov 4   MSFHR Health Policy Fellowship (application)
  Nov 9   MITACS Globalink Student Research Awards
  Nov 15   CCSRI Innovation Grant (application)
  Nov 30   SSHRC Partnership Development Grant (application)
  Dec 1   Canada Graduate Scholarships Master's Program (application)
  Dec 1   Tri-Agency Harmonization Master's Award: 2018-2019 (application)
  Dec 8   NRSA-NIH Postdoctoral Fellowships, F Series (application)
  Dec 11   SHRF Research Connections Grant (application)
  Dec 15   SHRF Collaborative Innovation Development Grant (full application)
  Dec 16   MSFHR Scholar Program (application)
  • ACS - American Chemical Society
  • CCSRI - Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute
  • CFI – Canada Foundation for Innovation
  • CGS - Canada Graduate Scholarships
  • CHRP - Collaborative Health Research Partnership
  • CIHR – Canadian Institutes of Health Research
  • CRC – Canada Research Chair
  • CRD - Collaborative Research and Development
  • CREATE - Collaborative Research and Training Experience
  • CRM - Centre de recherches mathematiques
  • HFSP – Human Frontiers of Science Program
  • IDRC – International Development Research Centre
  • I2I – Idea-to-Innovation
  • IF - Innovation Fund
  • JELF - John R. Evans Leaders Fund
  • JSPS – Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
  • LOI – Letter of Intent
  • MITACS - Mathematics of Information Technology and Complex Systems
  • MSFHR - Michael Smirth Foundation for Health Research
  • MSFSS – Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplements
  • NCE – Networks of Centres of Excellence
  • NIH - National Institutes of Health (USA)
  • NOI – Notice of Intent [to apply for a grant] (equivalent to registration)
  • NRCan – Natural Resources Canada
  • NRSA - National Research Service Award (NIH Postdoctoral Fellows Program)
  • NSERC – Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
  • OPC - Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada
  • PDF - Postdoctoral Fellow
  • PIMS - Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences
  • PRF - Petroleum Research Fund
  • PWIAS - Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies
  • RTI - Research Tools & Instruments
  • SAP - Subatomic Physics
  • SHRF - Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation
  • SNG - Strategic Network Grant
  • SOI - Statement of Interest
  • SPG – Strategic Project Grant
  • SSHRC - Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada
  • T-AP – Trans-Atlantic Platform