The AIMday concept has been used in several areas, including cancer research, diagnostics, materials science, aging and imaging. It has proven to be an effective tool for generating new contacts, new ideas and new approaches to solving problems - driving innovation forward.

AIMday was initiated and successfully developed by Uppsala University in Sweden. Innovation Enterprise has signed a collaboration agreement with Uppsala University with the purpose of implementing the AIMday concept in North America.

Mutual benefits for academia and industry:

  • Academic researchers gain valuable insights into ‘real-world’ problems and how these relate to their own research

  • Industry gains access to academic specialists who can contribute to solving industry problems

For more information contact Amit Shukla

Inspiration and Insight

Bringing compentencies together in tailor-made discussions is key to identifying areas of common interest. Many collaborative projects are started this way

Great Networking

During AIMday there are ample opportunities for networking and spontaneous meetings. Many beneficial contacts are made.

Efficient meetings

Every question is discussed for one hour, no more, no less. The size of the group is small, five to ten people, including industry representatives and researchers from various disciplines.

AIMday™ Big Data 2018

Innovation Enterprise will be hosting a third AIMday in April 2018 with a focus on Big Data. More details will be available later this fall. Stay tuned.

AIMday™ Imaging 2017

Innovation Enterprise, in collaboration with the University of Regina, Saskatchewan Polytechnic and the Canadian Light Source, is hosting a second AIMday on Oct 18, 2017 with a focus on Imaging. We look forward to welcoming companies, organizations and academic researchers to discuss specific industry challenges in the Imaging research arena.

AIMday™ Minerals 2017

In March 2017, Innovation Enterprise and the International Minerals Innovation Institute jointly hosted AIMday Minerals 2017, the first AIMday in North America. The event was in collaboration with the University of Regina and Saskatchewan Polytechnic. AIMday Minerals 2017 focused on finding solutions to a wide variety of mining sector questions and problems, ranging from reduced reliance on fossil fuels and more green energy sources, to developing new methods of detecting potential pipeline breaks before they occur.

Industry representatives and academic researchers welcomed the meeting concept and the results speak for themselves:

  • 26 questions were submitted by industry
  • 39 researchers and 17 representatives from 5 major mining companies attended
  • 21 workshops took place during the day
  • 55 research applications were submitted by academics
  • 17 applications were selected for funding to develop project proposals