Student Desktop Researchers

Innovation Enterprise is constantly evaluating commercial opportunities stemming from University research.  Evaluation of these ideas includes technology validation, market assessment, competitive analysis, business case development, business modeling and business planning.  We hire university students to help us carry out these evaluations, allowing us to develop effective market strategies for each opportunity. Students are hired from different educational backgrounds and work in teams, allowing for a strong cross-functional skill exchange.

Students that have worked as SDRs may also have the opportunity to become involved with start-up companies based on the innovations that they have helped evaluate.

The Cofounders Club - Coming Soon

The Cofounders Club is an event focused on bringing entrepreneurial students from various disciplines under one roof to connect with each other on common interests and to find potential partners with complementary skill sets.  Held in partnership with the USSU, this event gives students the opportunity to pitch their business ideas to other students and faculty members. Individuals with common interests may then form teams to explore the possibility of forming start-up companies based on student ideas.

We also use this event to present some of our commercialization projects to students. Students who are interested in a project may have the opportunity to help build a startup company around it, with the help from Innovation Enterprise.

Entrepreneurship Bootcamp - Coming Soon

The Entrepreneurship Bootcamp is a short and focused series of workshops aimed to educate University members about the challenges and successes of building start-up companies. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from successful entrepreneurs in the community; learning to identify the most common mistakes when starting a venture and also some sure shot characteristics of successful entrepreneurs.  They will also learn when to bootstrap, when to look for sales, and when to look for investment. Participants in this program will be able to apply this knowledge to their new enterprises on a road to success.