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A Century of Innovation

century of innovation A Century of Innovation
U of S researchers have been leading innovation in a variety of fields for more than 100 years.
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Engaging Minds Videos

engaging minds

Engaging Minds:
Profiles of Discovery and Creativity at U of S. Meet some of our leading faculty and student researchers and hear their passion for discovery.

Canadian Light Source (Synchrotron) Videos

alistair george

Alistair George – “The Synchrotron Explained”
Alistair George, nine-year-old son of synchrotron scientists Ingrid Pickering and Graham George, explains how a synchrotron works.
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pickering and george Ingrid Pickering & Graham George – “Synchrotron Family”
Husband-wife team Ingrid Pickering and Graham George share a love of scientific discovery which both fuels their joint research and inspires the youngest members of their “synchrotron” family.
Dr. Ingrid Pickering, Canada Research Chair in Molecular Environmental Science
Dr. Graham George, Canada Research Chairs in X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy
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alex moewes

Alex Moewes -- "Hard Driving Science"
Alex Moewes is driven both by a love of discovery and by the promise of his new team of graduate students at the University of Saskatchewan – the Beam Team.
(Dr. Alex Moewes, Canada Research Chair in Materials Science with Synchrotron Radiation)
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dean chapman

Dean Chapman -- "When Creative Sparks Fly"
Dean Chapman shares his enthusiasm for the power of interdisciplinary partnerships which he believes could help make the U of S a world leader in biomedical research.
(Dr. Dean Chapman, Canada Research Chair in X-Ray Imaging)
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gregg adams

Gregg Adams -- "Dreams of a Vet"
As a boy, Gregg Adams dreamed of becoming a veterinarian; his newest dream is to build BMIT, a sophisticated new bio-imaging and therapy beamline that will help further his passion for veterinary research.
(Dr. Gregg Adams, Veterinary Biomedical Sciences, U of S)
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jeff cutler

Jeff Cutler -- "No Limits"
Jeff Cutler is keen to show what synchrotrons can do to further science and help industry because he’s determined to bring the world to the CLS synchrotron.
(Dr. Jeff Cutler,Associate Director of Research for Industrial Science, Canadian Light Source)
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canadian light source Canadian Light Source -- "Teamwork Shines"
The story of the development and mission of the Canadian Light Source synchrotron facility at the University of Saskatchewan – and how its collaborative beginnings may shed light on its future.
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InterVac Video

vido-intervac logo

Saving Lives Through Vaccine Research: The Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization—Home of InterVac
The world is changing, so is disease.   Opening in spring 2011, the International Vaccine Centre (InterVac) at the University of Saskatchewan will enable scientists to find vaccines to help combat pandemic influenza and other emerging diseases.
VIDO Website

lorne babiuk Lorne Babiuk – “Dreams of a New Chapter in Vaccine Research”
Lorne Babiuk pursues the dream of building InterVac, a $140-million vaccine research facility to be located on the U of S campus, in order to fight disease and improve human and animal health worldwide.
(Dr. Lorne Babiuk, Canada Research Chair in Vaccinology and Biotechnology)
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