Institutional Approval

Internal Approvals Required

Internal Approvals Required for Proposals requesting externally funded research support:

All research grants must be reviewed and approved by the Principal Investigator, the relevant Department Head and/or a representative from the Dean’s Office in the relevant College. If UofS Co-applicants are from a department or college other than that of the principal investigator, the Co-applicants must have their own dean and department head sign as well. Whether the sponsors require it or not, all applications for external research funding must be approved by a duly authorized University representative on behalf of the University of Saskatchewan before they are forwarded to a sponsoring agency. Final signature on behalf of the University is provided by Research Services.  Please attach an additional University Supplemental Signature Page, if necessary. 

All applications for external funding must be approved in the following order:

1. Principal Investigator (PI) and university Co-investigators (if applicable)

2. Department Head

3. Dean, Associate or Vice Dean of Research and / or Director

4. University Representative (Authorized University Official)

The approval by the Principal Investigator is required to ensure that the agreement satisfactorily confirms the following, where applicable:

  • The PI has carefully considered the appropriateness of the scope of work, the proposed budget (research can be completed within budget), and the timeline for deliverables.
  • The necessary Indirect Costs of Research (ICR) are included.
  • Any ethics, biosafety, or animal care requirements are identified.
  • The provisions for publication rights are acceptable.
  • The trainees have adequate space, insurance and time to complete tasks. 
  • The provisions for intellectual property rights are acceptable.
  • The insurance and indemnification provisions are acceptable.
  • The warranty and liability provisions are acceptable.
  • The confidentiality provisions are acceptable.
  • Collaborations and affiliations are properly identified and detailed sufficiently.

The approval by the department head AND dean / associate dean / director are required (where applicable) for:

  • Assurance that normal teaching duties or other responsibilities of the PI will not be adversely affected by terms of the agreement or that acceptable adjustments to these duties have been made, and if appropriate, provided for in the related department budget.
  • Assurance that the existing university space and facilities will not be unduly burdened and that any necessary improvements and equipment are accounted for in the budget.
  • Assurance that any involvement of trainees is appropriate.
  • Assurance of the protection of academic and financial interests of the university, the PI, and the general public.
  • Awareness of the scholarly content of the research and assurance that the research is consistent with, and will benefit the departmental teaching and scholarly mandate.
  • Assurance that potential conflicts of interest have been addressed.
  • Budget overview and assurance that the equipment, personnel, supplies, and other costs incurred during the research can be recovered from the research funds.
  • Verification of the researcher’s academic status.
  • Acceptability of provisions dealing with Intellectual Property Rights.
  • Appropriate ICR allocation.
  • Any other aspect of research that is under the jurisdiction of the department head and dean / associate dean of research / director.

The approval of the Institution is required for:

  • The Office of the Vice-President Research (OVPR) is responsible for the overall terms and conditions of the agreement. Specifically, the research must be conducted within the policies and guidelines of the University of Saskatchewan. Should any of the terms be unacceptable to the university, these terms must be negotiated or modified before the university will execute the agreements.
  • On behalf of the OVPR, Research Services is responsible for the complete overview of the terms and conditions of the agreement and compliance with University policies. Research Services is also the primary pre- and post- contract administrator, and thus actively participates in the negotiation and management of the agreement on behalf of the principal investigator and the university.
  • For more information on the University of Saskatchewan’s Board of Governor approved policies and procedures, click here.
  • The Industry Liaison Office (ILO) has a number of principles regarding Intellectual Property.
Research Services Compliance Review and Internal Deadlines

All proposals for external research support must be reviewed by Research Services before being formally submitted to the sponsor. To assist Research Services with the review, please complete the Research Services Intake Form.   

Please allow 5 working days prior to external deadlines, for the assigned Grants Specialist to complete the required Compliance Review in Research Services.  This turnaround time is for grant applications only and does not apply to contracts, CFI or CRC applications.

The Principal Investigator (PI) is responsible for submitting all copies of their application to the funding agency, unless the institution submits on behalf of the PI.

University Official Authorization on Research Agreements

Under terms of The University of Saskatchewan Act, 1995 the University of Saskatchewan must be named as the contractor in research contract agreements which involve the institution and any of its employees. Faculty members and other staff members cannot enter into or sign contracts on behalf of or binding on the University.

For a contract (i.e. non-grant) to bind the University, the agreement must be signed by duly authorized representatives for the Chair and Secretary of the Board of Governors, according to the University Signing Authority Policy. This policy concerns University contracting and the delegation of authority to contract on behalf of the University.

Research Services is responsible to obtain these approvals on behalf of the University. The Board of Governors signatures are needed to indicate acceptance of the financial administration, associated liabilities and general terms of the agreement.

Research agreements are administered as per the Research Administration policy. Research funding can be held only by individuals who are eligible, as per the Eligibility to Apply for, Hold and Administer Research Funding policy.