2015 TVC Finale


And the winner is … TrueVation!  Dr. Ryan Sander, Jeff Wandzura, Dan Morino, Nick Rutherford and Kumaran Vijayan won the Grand Prize.  They have developed their first product, Patient Prep.   Over 12 million people in North America each year receive an incorrect medical diagnoses.   56% of these are contributed to deficiencies in the collection of the medical information.   Patient Prep empowers the medical community to be more efficient while providing an even higher quality of care.

TrueVation i Winner 2015

They will receive $50,000 cash from the U of S Industry Liaison Office, one year office space at Innovation Place valued at over $10,000; professional services valued at $7,000 from PwC, banking services from RBC, webhosting from BlackSun and marketing support from iTracks.  It was a big night for TrueVation as they also won the Mariner Innovations ICT Award, as part of the TVC.  

"The tech venture challenge has provided our team with the connections and knowledge to take our venture to the next level. The challenge has a tremendous impact on the start-up community in Saskatoon, as it helps turn ideas into high impact ventures."

Second place ($25,000) in this year’s Tech Venture Challenge went to MagnoPlug, Will Topping, Arash Janfada, Mitch Langan, Mallory McGrath, have developed the next evolution of the traditional 3-pronged plug.  A break-away power connector, which snaps in place to deliver the power and disconnects without effort. No more damage to your block-heater from driving away while your car is plugged in. Sponsors for this award were PwC, USask College of Medicine, and Mariner Innovations. 

Third place ($8500) went to Scitus Biosciences. Jay Robinson, Mark Hetherington and Wayne Craig, are experts at discovering novel plant extracts and natural compounds. Their first product Advir is a cold sore treatment extracted from plants.  This was sponsored by the many members of the Tech Community Fund.

Top 3