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No Image AvailableTaunia Arthur (On Leave)UACC Animal Technician
Joni AschimJoni AschimHuman Research Ethics Coordinator
No Image AvailableDanielle BaronResearch Facilitator - Agriculture and Bioresources
Nicole BenningNicole BenningResearch Support Specialist
Bruna Bonavia-FisherBruna Bonavia-FisherResearch Facilitator - College of Medicine
No Image AvailableRon BorowskyNSERC Leader
No Image AvailableChris BowmanPortfolio Manager, Engineering and Physical Sciences
Doreen CanillasDoreen CanillasPrograms Specialist
No Image AvailableTate CaoResearch Support Specialist
Karen ChadKaren ChadVice-President Research
No Image AvailableMichelle  CholowskyContracts Specialist
No Image AvailableGen ClarkResearch Facilitator - Pharmacy and Nutrition
No Image AvailableColleen CochranHuman Research Ethics Administrator
Roxanne CraigRoxanne CraigInternational Activities and Information Specialist
No Image AvailableMarie CrossonExecutive Assistant, VPR
No Image AvailableRanjan  DattaResearch Facilitator - Education
No Image AvailableAlice DerExecutive Assistant, AVPR
No Image AvailableBrian DonnellySenior Executive Assistant, VPR
No Image AvailableKevin  DriscollResearch Facilitator - Environment and Sustainability
Johannes DyringJohannes DyringManaging Director
No Image AvailableDarcie EarleHuman Research Ethics Coordinator
No Image AvailableLori EbbesenResearch Facilitator - Kinesiology; Physical Therapy
No Image AvailableBernadette El-GayedClerical Assistant, RSEO
Danielle Ellis (On Leave)Danielle Ellis (On Leave)Senior Programs Specialist
Lisa EricksonLisa EricksonManager, Community Engagement and Outreach
No Image AvailableMegan FillatreInternational Partnerships Specialist (Americas, Europe, Africa) - (On Leave)
No Image AvailableGail FlynnResearch Data Specialist, Ethics
No Image AvailableMiranda GartnerAssistant, Undergraduate Research Initiative
No Image AvailableJennifer GatesClerical Assistant
No Image AvailableMonty GendallSenior Legal Counsel
David Harris (on secondment to the IPA)David Harris (on secondment to the IPA)Senior Advisor, Research Analytics
No Image AvailableAlix HaydenAssociate Director
No Image AvailableFiona HaynesResearch Planning and Facilitation Officer - Arts & Science
Deborah HoustonDeborah HoustonContracts Specialist
No Image AvailableMegan HubertAdministrative Officer, SRI
No Image AvailableBonnie  HughesResearch Facilitator - Law
Mahfam JanMahfam JanInternal Review Specialist, NSERC
No Image AvailableLisa JategaonkarAssociate Director, Strategic Research Initiatives
No Image AvailableShelley JicklingSenior HR Business Advisor, OVPR
No Image AvailableLeah JohnsonResearch Support Specialist
No Image AvailableCorinna  Kashuba University Veterinarian
Rozalia KaslederRozalia KaslederInternational Partnerships Specialist - Europe, Africa, Americas
No Image AvailableMeritt KocdagResearch Planning and Facilitation Officer - Arts & Science
No Image AvailableBonnie KorthuisLead Human Research Ethics Specialist
No Image AvailableCandace  LeuschenExecutive Clinical and Research Assistant, AVPR-Health
Le LiLe LiInternational Research Specialist
Leina LiaoLeina LiaoInternational Partnerships Specialist (Asia, Oceania)
No Image AvailableTania LiboironUACC Animal Technician
No Image AvailablePaula LindainClerical Assistant, RSEO
No Image AvailableLeona LortieExecutive Assistant/Communications Officer
Kara LoyKara LoyCoordinator, Undergraduate Research Initiative
No Image AvailableCallie LytleCFI Post Award Specialist
Darcy MarciniukDarcy MarciniukAssociate Vice-President Research - Health (Interim) - Research and InternationalProfessor of Medicine   
Division of Respirology, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine
No Image AvailableLeanne Marin (term)UACC Animal Technician
Diane MartzDiane MartzDirector, International Research and Partnerships
Leanne McCutcheonLeanne McCutcheonFinancial Coordinator
No Image AvailableLianne McLeodResearch Facilitator, WCVM
Brenda Meyer-BurtBrenda Meyer-BurtResearch Support Specialist
Janice MichaelJanice MichaelFinancial Development Specialist
Oksana MoshynskaOksana MoshynskaGrants Specialist
Karen MosierKaren MosierResearch Coordinator - Department of Surgery
Sara MuellerSara MuellerAwards Facilitator
No Image AvailableRaj NayakPortfolio Manager, ICT, Fine Arts and Humanities
Darren NickelDarren NickelResearch Coordinator - Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Bram NobleBram NobleSSHRC Leader
No Image AvailableWainewright NobleIntellectual Property Specialist
Rob NorrisRob NorrisSenior Strategist, Research Partnerships
Jackie OliverJackie OliverContracts Specialist
No Image AvailableTonielle PavlovicAdministrative Coordinator
Amanda PlanteAmanda PlanteLead Research Ethics Specialist
No Image AvailableCaitlin PrebbleCFI Post Award Specialist
Erin Prosser-LooseErin Prosser-LooseResearch Coordinator - Pediatrics
Carolyn PytlykCarolyn PytlykResearch Facilitator - University Library
No Image AvailableBeryl RadcliffeHuman Research Ethics Specialist (Behavioural)
No Image AvailableJason RaineSenior Advisor, Aquatics Research Facilities
No Image AvailableCarrie RhodesUACC Animal Technician
No Image AvailableMeaghan RislingAdministrative Coordinator, SRI
Curtis SandersonCurtis SandersonClerical Assistant, Community Engagement and Outreach
No Image AvailableOzlem  SariResearch Facilitator - Nursing
Laurie SchimpfLaurie SchimpfResearch Support Specialist
Kevin SchneiderKevin SchneiderAssociate Vice-President Research (Interim)
No Image AvailableAmit ShuklaChief Program Manager
No Image AvailableSharai SiemensClerical Assistant
No Image AvailableHeidi SmithsonResearch Facilitator - Engineering
No Image AvailableCara SpenceResearch Support Specialist
No Image AvailableMichael StevensLegal Counsel
Sandra StoneSandra StoneLead CFI Specialist
Frank SuFrank SuPortfolio Manager, Agriculture and Bioresources
No Image AvailableKurtis Swekla (Term)Choose ...
No Image AvailableIzabela SzelestResearch Facilitator - Department of Psychiatry
No Image AvailableAnna TarucClerical Assistant, Human Ethics
No Image AvailableJavier TavitasResearch Planning and Facilitation Officer - Arts & Science
No Image AvailableLisa ThomsonResearch Data Specialist, Pre- and Post-Award
Jim ThornhillJim ThornhillSpecial Assistant to the Vice-President Research
Robin ThurmeierRobin ThurmeierResearch Facilitator - Nursing
No Image AvailableMelanie van der Loop (On Leave)Animal Welfare Veterinarian
Kevin VeitenheimerKevin VeitenheimerSenior Financial Officer
No Image AvailableBrittany WalchInternal Review Specialist, SSHRC and CIHR
Kathryn WardenKathryn WardenDirector, Research Profile and Impact
No Image AvailableJon WattsResearch Facilitator - Department of Medicine
Shawna WeeksShawna WeeksResearch Approval Coordinator
No Image AvailableTonya WirchenkoManager, Executive Initiatives and Projects
No Image AvailableLaura ZinkDirector, Strategic Research Initiatives
Li ZongLi ZongSpecial Advisor on China; Director, Confucius Institute