Innovation Enterprise

Turning ideas into solutions

Innovation Enterprise turns ideas and technologies developed at the University of Saskatchewan into solutions for the benefit of society, industry and the environment.

Innovation Enterprise initiates, develops, commercializes and implements innovative, sustainable and knowledge-based solutions generated by the University of Saskatchewan.

We actively engage in collaborations with creative and aspirational minds and use an interactive approach to create and share value. We seek, identify and resource entrepreneurial talent by creating networks, initiating collaborations, and facilitating coaching and mentorship opportunities.

We foster an entrepreneurial culture and significantly participate in and contribute to the successful achievement of the university’s goals of diversity, connectivity and sustainability.

Innovation Enterprise is part of the Office of the Vice-President of Research at the University of Saskatchewan. Explore this site to learn about our expertise, facilities, services and technologies, as well as the many opportunities available for technology licensing and collaboration.

Meet Johannes Dyring and find out more!

What is Innovation Enterprise? Johannes Dyring, Managing Director of Innovation Enterprise at the University of Saskatchewan, invites you to join his team in turning ideas into solutions.

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