Award of Innovation Winners

Innovation Enterprise and Innovation Place are jointly sponsoring the Award of Innovation to recognize the transference of University of Saskatchewan discoveries into the marketplace. It honours those individuals who have developed innovations, which have great potential for commercial impact.


Dr. Stephen Foley, Loghman Moradi, Hiwa Salimi and Dr. John Gordon

The Gold Recovery Process

Dr. Stephen Foley, associate professor of chemistry, and his PhD students Hiwa Salimi and Loghman Moradi, won the award for developing a new process for selectively removing gold from electronic waste, such as printed circuit boards. This is the fastest method known for leaching gold into solution. It is also selective for gold and requires no energy input. The reagents used are cheap, recyclable, and environmentally benign.

Asthma and Food Allergy Immunotherapy

Dr. John Gordon, a respirology professor, has discovered a way to essentially reverse the hyper-immune response in allergic reactions. The same treatment also appears, in mouse models, to apply to autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis. This discovery could lead to better disease management in patients with food allergies and asthma. Since this technology could potentially be applied to a wide range of autoimmune diseases, it could greatly improve the quality of life of many people.


Dr. Khan Wahid

Endoscopy Capsule to Diagnose and Treat GI Disease

Dr. Khan Wahid developed an advanced image compression algorithm for the wireless endoscopy capsule. The algorithm helps produce higher quality compressed images of the GI tract, to aid in earlier detection and treatment of disease. The capsules wireless connectivity facilitates the transmission of results, allowing physicians to assess and monitor patients remotely in real time. It is an enhancement on the technology currently used on humans, and is an entirely new technology for use in animals.

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