Innovation Enterprise is managing many new and exciting USask research innovations and inventions. We aim to match these inventions with students who possess an entrepreneurial passion to help us bring USask innovations to the world.

The Summer Entrepreneurs program (SE) is designed to incubate entrepreneurs, providing teams of three students each with a current USask innovation to work with over the summer (full time and with pay). The program starts May 1 and runs to the end of August. 

With the support of the inventor, business mentors, and advisors from Innovation Enterprise, teams are asked to assess the market potential of their innovation and build a commercialization plan for it. At the end of the summer, teams showing substantial and tangible market traction and strong desire will receive an option to the exclusive right (pending agreement on standard terms) to build their own (start-up) business based on the innovation.

The students might “only” be entrepreneurs at heart at the beginning of the summer, but they will be full-fledged ones by the end of it!



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