Connecting with the community

to ensure we go far, together.

We're working with communities to help reach their research needs

  • Saskatchewan Population Health and Evaluation Research Unit (SPHERU)
    • In collaboration with University of Regina, at SPHERU, we study the social factors that affect the wellbeing of groups within a population, with a focus on population health intervention research: we look at how to address inequities by taking action on the social determinants of health.
  • @Station 20 West
    • U of S has a community engagement and outreach office located at Station 20 West in Saskatoon's core neighbourhood. We're working on projects that are community driven and meaningful for the communities with which we work, collaborating and co-creating knowledge.
  • Centre for the Study of Co-operatives
    • We're an interdisciplinary centre of higher learning that provides people with tools to understand co-operatives and to develop them as solutions to economic and social needs.
  • Rural and Remote Memory Clinic (RRMD)
    • Our focus is on diagnosis and management of atypical and complex cases of suspected dementia, where an interdisciplinary team assessment is most needed.

We're actively engaged in sharing the benefits of our research with the public. 

  • Current public offerings - Whether it's providing access to galleries and museums, artistic and athletic pursuits, or services U of S researchers are working with members of the public, community based organizations, and civic leadership. 
  • UofS Speakers Bureau - free, engaging public lectures can be requested from a collection of faculty, graduate students, instructors, and researchers.  First, consult the list of topics available, then Request a Talk.

Visit our Community Engagement and Outreach portal to find out more.

Partnering with Industry

Innovation Enterprise is responsible for the commercialization of research and knowledge developed by the University's researchers, faculty, staff and graduate students. Our focus is to foster and develop collaborative work environments among researchers, industry partners and funding agencies.

Whether you're a researcher with a great idea, or a business searching for research help, Innovation Enterprise is here to help find a solution.

Partnering for Success

In honor of the fifth anniversary of NSERC’s Strategy for Partnerships and Innovation, U of S Engage-funded researchers and their industrial partners shared their thoughts in a series of videos on what makes a successful partnership.