Remote imaging advances medical diagnoses

A new long distance technology may help patients get earlier diagnoses and reduce strain on major referral hospitals.

U of S researchers discover vampire bugs’ fatal flaw

New finding may help develop next-generation pest control tools to thwart South American insects carrying a deadly disease.

Mutated frog gene repels predators

U of S researchers have found that the disruption of a gene is responsible for dart frogs' black blobs and stripes.

HIV virus fighter linked to cancer mutations

Student's research sheds light on connection between cancer and immune system malfunctions as it combats certain viruses.

U of S alumni success in electronic chip design attracts global giant

Solido Design Automation, a world-leading Saskatoon software development company established by University of Saskatchewan graduates, is expanding its reach and scope under new own...

Developing new technology for cheaper biofuel

New University of Saskatchewan chemistry research could pave the way for cheaper gas and booze.