University of Saskatchewan research team aims to develop salmonella vaccine

The novel vaccine is unique for its potential to protect against multiple salmonella strains.

USask researchers win CAS award for work on patient safety

The researchers have interviewed over 200 anesthesiologists across Canada. Many underestimated the risk of airway cuffs pressure beyond safe range.

Exercise opposite side to keep casted limb strong

USask preliminary study may one day pave the way for new standard of practice for recovery.

U of S student wins CPHA award for researching Saskatoon children’s physical activity

This work holds the potential for helping the design and development of neighbourhoods that encourage active living in all seasons in the city.

New sport science and health hub

Merlis Belsher Place will not only soon become a new home of Huskie Athletics, but a hub for state-of-the-art sport science and health research.

U of S researchers named to Arctic groups

With renewed global interest in Arctic resource extraction opportunities, transportation and tourism, tackling issues such as climate change, sustainable development and social and...