Let's Create an Artificial Organ with Cells!

Research in action, runner up

You have probably heard about the global organ shortage due to limited donors. Creating organs artificially through 3D bioprinting is a promising way to help people who are waiting for life-saving surgeries. The picture is showing the three-dimensional (3D) ear fabricated using a 3D bioprinter. The inset images show the patient's medical imaging data, creating the model of the ear from patient's imaging data, designing the porous ear, and the microscopic image of the incorporated cells inside the ear. The idea behind 3D printing is like a normal inkjet printer. My research focuses on the development of customized scaffolds like the ear in this picture, as a temporary construct including a mixture of patient's cells and biomaterials. Hopefully, this magic technique will help millions of people around the world waiting for tissues and organs. (With help from Adam McInnes)
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