Major scholarships awarded to USask students

Sixty USask students have been awarded slightly over $2.2 million by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), the three most important federal granting agencies in Canada.

Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarships (Doctoral)


Justin Fisher Energy transitions in a Prairie economy:  A social and environmental history of fossil fuels in Saskatchewan
Candice Klein "Lacking a lady one makes do:" Queering the Canadian Prairies, 1900-1950
Benjamin Ralston Spatializing Rights:  Mapping the law/geography nexus between Indigenous rights and environmental effects
Sydney Rine An Examination of Risk-Need Profiles among Saskatchewan NCR Acquitees

Canada Graduate Scholarship Doctoral (CGSD) awards:


Justin Andrushko Augmenting cross-education by using fatigue to alter GABA and increase functional connectivity
Cassy Appelt A new gene regulatory network for tooth evolution and development (Evo-Devo)
Dylan Baloun Energetics of Migatory Bats during Stopover:  A Test of the Torpor-Assisted Migration Hypothesis
Aaron Bell The Biogeography of Ground Beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae) on the Islands of Lac la Ronge, Saskatchewan
Brittany Laing Earliest Cambrian bioturbation, ichnodiversity, and behaviour in Earth's oldest animal ecosystem engineers from Austrailia
Jennafer Neiser Improving Machine Learning Methods for Small Human Oriented Data Sets 
Joshua Neudorf Neurobiological interactions of the language and semantic networks 
Reisha Peters Developing improved methods for acquiring biochemical and biophysical properties of plant material using non-invasive techniques
Chase Radford Making Better Nonfullerence Acceptors for Commercial Organic Solar Cells 
Colton Vassey Trace metal and stable isotope fractionation during non-classical crystallization of low temperature minerals


Tyla Bekte

"The Wards of Nobody": Nehiyawak (Cree) Transnational Kinship in the Canada-U.S. Borderlands, 1850 to 1950

Jocelyn Blouin Resilience and adults' pursuit of leisure time physical activity:  Prediction and change
James Dixon The political economy of the Canadian opioid crisis in four Western Canadian centres:  An exploratory case study
Majing Oloko Strengthening the Nuu-chah-nulth Peoples' Traditional Food System Through Youth Participation:  An Effort Towards Enhancing Food Security in the Clayoquot Sound Biosphere Reserve Region
Nataliia Zakharchuk Transforming University governance in the context of the Bologna Process:  A case study of Ukranian higher education
Lizette Gerber Body and spirit:  Speculative fiction from women of the African diaspora

Canada Graduate Scholarship Master’s (CGSM) awards:


Riley Crittenden

Identification of new drugs to treat triple negative breast cancer

Meghan Flath

At-home dog therapy for community-dwelling individuals with dementia

Karl Grewal

Utility of Cognitive Dispersion in a Heterogenous Memory Clinic Population

Britanie Thomas

The economic burden of cannabis use on the Canadian health care system prior to legalization


Elsa Van Ankum

Industrialized Diet and Third Molar Development

Kaitlyn Harris

Testing the Forage Maturation Hypothesis for a Large Ungulate in Agricultural Landscape

Sean Lipsit

Identification of Biomarkers for Vaccine Responsiveness through Kinomic Analysis

Dale Barks

A Forest in Flux: Exploring the Impacts of Changing Moose Populations on Threatened Woodland Caribou

Benjamin Schmidt

The Synthesis and Testing of Somatostatin Analogs: Octreotide-chelator Conjugates and their Use in PET/CT Imaging

Janelle Berscheid

Computational models of human-tick interactions using mobile sensor data

Maria Leyeza

Plant Counting using Faster R CN N

Jeffrey Harder

Drivers of wildfire occurrence in Saskatchewan’s boreal plain ecozone

Courtney Onstad

The origin of auriferous quartz veins on the Fisher property, Seabee Gold Project, Saskatchewan:  Geological relationships, structure and petrology

Leela Witvoet

Comparison of the Eisler and Laonil Lake Intrusive Complexes, Giennie Domain, Northern Saskatchewan

Kristen Mitzel

A Culture-Independent Whole Genome Sequencing Approach for Rapid and In-Depth Study of Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Chlamydia trachomatis Genomes

Michael Palmer

Determining the Function of the Argonate Protein Family in Hepatitis C Virus Replication

Brigitte Moser

Photoaffinity labelling of alpha-synucein using diazirine labelled caffeine, nicotine and 1-aminoindan

Shaylyn Kress

The Effect of Word Characteristics on Visual Word Identification

Christianne Rooke

Blink if it’s Rewarding: The Physiological Correlates of the Behavioral Activation System

Lauren Dyck

Wetland carbon storage in the prairie landscape, and implications for agricultural practices

Esther McAleer

Assessing the role of nitrogen availability in toxin production during cyanobacterial blooms

Myra Juckers

Sulphur Cinquefoil (Potentilla recta) Management on Disturbed Rangelands in the East Kootenay, British Columbia


Rebecca Bourgeois

Searching for Personhood in Fragmentary Human Remains at Moty-Novaya Shamanka

Kali Sielsky

Written on the Rocks: Pictographs of the Coast Salish

Rachel Simpson

Was it Deadly or Just Diagenetic? An Experimental Study of Past Lead Exposure

Nicole Ferland

Developing a Métis urban land education curriculum for Winnipeg, Manitoba

Page Beaton

Adolescent Cannabis Use and Risk Perception Post Legalization:  A Mixed-Methods Exploratory Study

Jessica Llewelyn-Williams

Implications of Cannabis Legalization on University Students Cannabis Use and Perceptions

Lindsay Church

Medieval and Early Modern Alchemical Concepts in Twenty-First Century Fantasy Novels

Ariel Brecht

A Companion To the Medieval Preacher: MS Ege 4

Ryan Dutchak

Doukhobor and Ukrainian Cultural Integration in Saskatchewan, 1946-1971

Brittany Tuffs

A Kaska Perspective: The Kaska a’i Constitution and Legal Understandings of Land

Michelle Cockcroft

Playing Dead – The Affective Potential of Death in Video Games

Emily Hardwood-Johnson

Ecological factors affecting the physical activity behaviours of newcomer youth

Kendall Deleurme

The Use of Family Narratives as a Response to Wildfire Trauma

Joshua Katz

Masculinity Threat and Attitudes Towards Guns

Bidushy Sadika

Sexual Orientation Microaggressions in Interpersonal Relationships: An Intersectional Approach

Jordan Termeer

A prospective evaluation of protective factors that predict desistance from re-offending in young offenders

Tina Elliott

The social dimensions of community response to wildfire: An intersectional framework to close the post-disaster learning loop

Oxana Pimenova

Pipeline Approvals: Epistemic Success of Consultations with Indigenous Peoples of Canada

Cerah Dube

The Over-Incarceration of Indigenous Women: The Use of Section 718.2(e) in Manitoba Courts

Alexandria Pavelich

Mattering & Resilience: Exploring the significance of Human-Animal Bonds in the Context of the Saskatchewan Indigenous Youth Suicide Crisis


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