New USask filter may lead to safer drinking water

USask PhD student Zoroufchi Benis has recently been awarded a prestigious 2020 Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship.

New USask disease detection tool may save millions for canola industry

The new testing can be done in the field in just one hour with accurate results.

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USask research on Spanish Flu teaches lessons about pandemics

During the Spanish flu, the number of cases increased in Saskatchewan when people started to gather to celebrate the end of the Great War.

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USask advances new technology that turns waste into “green” fuel

USask researchers have been improving the producton of syngas, a possible cheaper eco-friendly alternative to fossil fuels, by making it faster and possibly cheaper, as well as “gr...

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New USask app tracks causes of algae bloom

A new University of Saskatchewan (USask) smartphone app will help farmers and communities identify hotspots of nutrient contamination in freshwaters and possibly predict where alga...

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New parasite species found in Northern wildlife

University of Saskatchewan researchers are part of an international team that has discovered a new species of a parasite, nicknamed “Oddball,” in northern Canada’s wolverines. ...

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Untangling clubroot disease

University of Saskatchewan (USask) researchers have designed a chain of software programs that combine biology and computer science to help identify the pathogen proteins that cont...

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