Touchscreen menu innovation faster, simpler

A U of S student has designed a new, faster menu for tablets, smart TVs and computer desktops.

Mealworms may turn infected wheat into cash

U of S researchers have found that tiny crawlers could help producers stuck with unsellable wheat...and make chickens happy.

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Remote imaging advances medical diagnoses

A new long distance technology may help patients get earlier diagnoses and reduce strain on major referral hospitals.

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U of S researchers discover vampire bugs’ fatal flaw

New finding may help develop next-generation pest control tools to thwart South American insects carrying a deadly disease.

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U of S imaging technique advancing stroke treatment

research combining synchrotron science and 3D printing could be a game changer for guiding stroke surgery.

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Mutated frog gene repels predators

U of S researchers have found that the disruption of a gene is responsible for dart frogs' black blobs and stripes.

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HIV virus fighter linked to cancer mutations

Student's research sheds light on connection between cancer and immune system malfunctions as it combats certain viruses.

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