New parasite species found in Northern wildlife

University of Saskatchewan researchers are part of an international team that has discovered a new species of a parasite, nicknamed “Oddball,” in northern Canada’s wolverines.

Untangling clubroot disease

University of Saskatchewan (USask) researchers have designed a chain of software programs that combine biology and computer science to help identify the pathogen proteins that cont...

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USask team sheds light on new Alzheimer’s drugs

A University of Saskatchewan research team has shed light on the functioning of potential new Alzheimer’s disease drugs that target copper plaques in the diseased brain, a finding ...

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USask app helps read medicine labels

New USask smartphone app helps visualize and “translate” difficult information on over-the-counter drug labels in way that is accessible to everyone.

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Engineering better egg-free ingredients for vegans

A new chickpea-based product developed at USask will provide more food options for people with allergies and for those who love a vegan lifestyle or need to keep their cholesterol ...

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New program opens doors for student start-ups

Five teams were each assigned to explore the business potential of a new USask technology, as part of USask Innovation Enterprise’s summer entrepreneurs program.

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Dietary restrictions may benefit children with premature aging disease

Eating less may be a key factor for promoting healthy aging and for slowing down progeria, an irreversible disease that makes children age eight time faster than normal.

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