Engineering better egg-free ingredients for vegans

A new chickpea-based product developed at USask will provide more food options for people with allergies and for those who love a vegan lifestyle or need to keep their cholesterol in check.

New program opens doors for student start-ups

Five teams were each assigned to explore the business potential of a new USask technology, as part of USask Innovation Enterprise’s summer entrepreneurs program.

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Dietary restrictions may benefit children with premature aging disease

Eating less may be a key factor for promoting healthy aging and for slowing down progeria, an irreversible disease that makes children age eight time faster than normal.

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Better apps might improve health… USask study finds

If health apps included avatars that can be adapted to the users’ preferences, people would be more likely to identify with their virtual “mini-me” and be more motivated to engage ...

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New technique for studying rusting of steel benefits mining industry

Unlike other methods used to study corrosion, the new USask synchrotron technique shows how effective the coatings are without removing them from the rebars.

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Imported spices and frozen vegetables tested for “superbugs”

The USask study looks antimicrobial resistance in imported plant-based products to hopefully help expand the monitoring of antimicrobial resistance transmission to foods not includ...

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Real women, better ads

USask research shows that women want to see themselves represented in jewelry ads, and women from different ethnicities and body types, from a variety of ages and in professional s...

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