USask study hones in on causes of MS disability

Usask research may lead to better multiple sclerosis treatments.

Call the midwife!

USask researchers have found that midwifery care may be key to better childbirth outcomes for low-income women.

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Uncovering the secret winter life of lakes

Denitrification in lakes happens under ice as quickly as it does in the summer, USask researchers have found.

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Dreaded “freshman five” weight gain not a myth

The phenomenon happens even if a student’s weight was normal as a teenager, a U of S student has found.

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Rocks tell story of Saskatchewan’s tropical past

A U of S student has found the persistence of a hot climate for millions of years in Saskatchewan.

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U of S launches device into near-space to track climate change

The satellite device could help work will help scientists understand how aerosols work and how they affect climate.

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USask researchers uncover insect-resistant genes in wheat

The genes may help wheat resist wheat stem sawfly — a pest potentially causing yield losses of up to 30 per cent annually to the $11-billion Canadian wheat industry.

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