University of Saskatchewan research team aims to develop salmonella vaccine

The novel vaccine is unique for its potential to protect against multiple salmonella strains.

Exercise opposite side to keep casted limb strong

USask preliminary study may one day pave the way for new standard of practice for recovery.

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U of S study targets enzyme's role in breast cancer

The research may help limit the enzyme's potential impact on the proliferation of breast cancer cells. The end goal is to offer better tools for early diagnosis and monitoring dise...

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Astronaut training program leads U of S student to “Mars”

A U of S student has embarked on a one-of-a-kind experience that may lead him to become a scientist-astronaut one day.

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New tool helps minimize impact of solar activity

U of S researcher may help predict, and possibly prevent, the negative effects of space weather on the International Space Station and on communication systems.

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Touchscreen menu innovation faster, simpler

A U of S student has designed a new, faster menu for tablets, smart TVs and computer desktops.

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Mealworms may turn infected wheat into cash

U of S researchers have found that tiny crawlers could help producers stuck with unsellable wheat...and make chickens happy.

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