What is The Conversation Canada?

USask is a founding member of The Conversation Canada, a new national academic newswire that provides independent, high-quality journalism. The non-profit organization provides a distribution hub for academic knowledge, featuring 600-800 word articles written by researchers in their areas of expertise and edited by experienced journalists.

The Conversation Canada is the sixth affiliate of an international Conversation network, which attracts 10.7 million users per month and reaches 35 million readers through free republication. Over 22,000 media outlets use content from The Conversation sites, among them The Washington Post, Maclean’s and The Guardian.

USask articles have had over 980,000 “reads” in the past two years. Visit The Conversation Canada site.


  • Faculty or sessional lecturers. Any academic affiliated with the university. You can also co-author an item with a student you supervise.
  • PhD students and post-doctoral fellows can write as single authors or co-authors.


  • Profile building: It’s an exciting opportunity to get your opinions or research findings published, and reach a national and international audience. The stories are also posted to the USask website and tweeted.
  • Control: You have the final say on the story.
  • Getting help communicating with a general public audience: In working with Research Profile and Impact, and the editors at the Conversation, you get access to media experts who can help you tell your story in the most effective way possible.


The Conversation is focusing on three priority areas – consider these while thinking about your story:

  • Timely, evidence-based analyses of issues making the news, such as new research or peer-reviewed fact checks
  • Timeless, plain English ‘explainers’ of complex issues
  • In-depth series or specials

1.       Answer these three questions:

    • What is the story you are trying to tell? (50-word max.)– in one sentence, what is the story?
    • What is the significance? (100 words) – Why is this thing interesting or significant to non-academic readers? 
    • What recent or upcoming world event can this be tied to?

2.       Send your story idea to Communications Specialist Daniel Hallen, Research Profile and Impact, (daniel.hallen@usask.ca) for input/tips or questions.

3.       Make an account on TheConversation.com

4.       Send in your pitch via the online portal

5.       Wait for The Conversation editor to get in touch – and don’t forget to let Daniel know!

6.       Work with the editor to create your story (and feel free to bounce ideas off Sarath)

7.       Watch the clicks and readership roll in via the handy Conversation dashboard

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