Research videos

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We've been capturing the impact of our research televisually.  These are our stories!

Research Signature Areas


Water Security

Global Water Futures

Reaching new heights: a global perspective on water

Roots of Global Food Security

International Research

Michelle Wauchope-Thompson

Confucius Institute at U of S

Patricia Tozatti

Lucia Scaff & Sebastian Krogh

Juan Yepez

Royal Society of Canada - College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists

Marcia McKenzie

Keith Carlson

Markus Hecker

Angela Lieverse

Dwight Newman

Maggie Kovach

A Century of Innovation

Canadian Light Source (Synchrotron)

Alistair George – “The Synchrotron Explained”

Ingrid Pickering & Graham George – “Synchrotron Family”

Alex Moewes -- "Hard Driving Science"

Dean Chapman -- "When Creative Sparks Fly"

Gregg Adams -- "Dreams of a Vet"

Jeff Cutler -- "No Limits"

Canadian Light Source -- "Teamwork Shines"


Saving Lives Through Vaccine Research: The Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization—Home of InterVac

Lorne Babiuk – “Dreams of a New Chapter in Vaccine Research”

Engaging Minds

Keith Thor Carlson - Exploring Aboriginal Issues - The Story of Louie Sam

Naomi Carriere - Traditional Aboriginal Knowledge

Henry Woolfe - Drama Research

Steven Franklin - Studying Grizzly Bears

Jim Miller - Native Newcomer Relations

Peter Stoicheff - Medieval Manuscripts

Jo-Anne Dillon - Antimicrobial Resistance

Jean-Pierre St. Maurice - Aurora Borealis

Caroline Tait - Indigenous Peoples' Health Research

Sylvia Abonyi - Northern Saskatchewan Health Improvement

Dean McNeill - Music Innovation

Susan Shantz - Canopy Art