USask Research Minute

Crop Development Centre

How the USask CDC contributes to a growing world

Ayisha Kurji

Rise of childhood eating disorders during the COVID-19 pandemic

Alyson Kelvin

USask VIDO virologist discusses what we know about current COVID-19 variants, how vaccinations work and next steps

Alexandra Zidenberg

How psychologists' tattoos affect the public's perception

Steven Rayan

Quantum science, explained

Alex Wong

Why I'm vaccinating my five-year old against COVID-19

OneHealth Research

USask Novel Coronavirus Research at VIDO-InterVac

Royal Society of Canada

Malcolm King

Alison Norlen

Valerie Korinek

Christy Morrissey

Ingrid Pickering

Howard Wheater

John Pomeroy

Doug Chivers

Maud Ferrari

Marcia McKenzie

Keith Carlson

Markus Hecker

Angela Lieverse

Dwight Newman

Maggie Kovach

Research Signature Areas


Water Security

Global Water Futures

Reaching new heights: a global perspective on water

Roots of Global Food Security

International Research

Michelle Wauchope-Thompson

Confucius Institute at U of S

Patricia Tozatti

Lucia Scaff & Sebastian Krogh

Juan Yepez

A Century of Innovation

Canadian Light Source (Synchrotron)

Alistair George – “The Synchrotron Explained”

Ingrid Pickering & Graham George – “Synchrotron Family”

Alex Moewes -- "Hard Driving Science"

Dean Chapman -- "When Creative Sparks Fly"

Gregg Adams -- "Dreams of a Vet"

Jeff Cutler -- "No Limits"

Canadian Light Source -- "Teamwork Shines"


Saving Lives Through Vaccine Research: The Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization—Home of InterVac

Lorne Babiuk – “Dreams of a New Chapter in Vaccine Research”

Engaging Minds

Keith Thor Carlson - Exploring Aboriginal Issues - The Story of Louie Sam

Naomi Carriere - Traditional Aboriginal Knowledge

Henry Woolfe - Drama Research

Steven Franklin - Studying Grizzly Bears

Jim Miller - Native Newcomer Relations

Peter Stoicheff - Medieval Manuscripts

Jo-Anne Dillon - Antimicrobial Resistance

Jean-Pierre St. Maurice - Aurora Borealis

Caroline Tait - Indigenous Peoples' Health Research

Sylvia Abonyi - Northern Saskatchewan Health Improvement

Dean McNeill - Music Innovation

Susan Shantz - Canopy Art