Ag-West Bio

Ag-West Bio is Saskatchewan’s bioscience industry association. The company works as a catalyst for developing partnerships and industry growth in the bio-economy through investments, aiding strategic alliances, and providing business planning support, regulatory information and communications. Funding for Ag-West Bio is provided the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture and Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada's Growing Forward II program, with support from Western Economic Diversification Canada and the National Research Council’s Industrial Research Assistance Program. 

Canadian Wheat Alliance

The Canadian Wheat Alliance (CWA) represents an unprecedented 11-year commitment among Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, the University of Saskatchewan, the Government of Saskatchewan and the National Research Council of Canada, to support and advance research that will improve the profitability of Canadian wheat producers. The Canadian Wheat Alliance's primary objective is to accelerate the development of wheat varieties for Canadian farmers. CWA partners have integrated their complementary areas of expertise in wheat breeding, genomics, biotechnology, and pathology to develop new wheat varieties.

National Research Council Canada

As Canada's premier Research and Technology Organization, the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) is present in more than 100 communities across Canada, with a network of 12 research portfolios, and over 3,500 researchers, technologists, and support staff. NRC is driving the necessary change for Canada's industrial innovation, with a focus on evolving research and technology to contribute to the country's long-term success. National Research Council Canada delivers research arrangements, licensing opportunities, scientific advice, and access to specialized facilities.

POS Bio-Sciences

POS Bio-Sciences is a contract R&D Organization, specializing in the extraction, fractionation, purification and modification of bio-based ingredients; specifically oils, proteins, starches, fibers, and bio-actives. We serve the food, nutraceutical, cosmetic, bio-products and other industries in a variety of roles. We offer our clients two facilities: a 55,000 sq/ft facility and a 12,000 sq/ft semi-works facility  with 11 laboratories (analytical and R&D), and 7 pilot plants, including a flammable processing area for solvent processing. In addition, in order to support quality, logistics and scale up, we have a fully staffed QA Department, Engineering Department and Materials Handling Department. We have being completing process development for partners for the last 39 years, completing work in over 45 different countries, with start-up companies to multi-nationals. 

Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre Inc. (Food Centre)

The Food Centre has established a reputable role for providing expertise and services to advance Saskatchewan’s agri-food industry.  We are committed to being a leading centre of excellence in development, interim processing, extrusion and food safety training.  By working with Saskatchewan’s agriculture industry and industry partners, we provide assistance for Saskatchewan processors to engage in value added opportunities and gain competitive advantage. Our state-of-the-art federal facility has numerous certifications to assist clients in accessing domestic and/or international markets.

Saskatchewan Research Council

The Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC) is one of Canada’s leading providers of applied research, development and demonstration (RD&D) and technology commercialization. SRC focuses its efforts on the mining, minerals and energy sectors, and the environmental considerations that are important across each sector. We help companies from across the world solve technology problems, make improvements, seize opportunities, maintain competitiveness, increase productivity, and develop new markets.