Food and Bioproducts Research and Development

Faculty scientists conduct research and provide graduate training related to novel foods and food ingredients, food authenticity, bioproducts processing technology, food chemistry and analysis, microbial biotechnology, quality assurance, sensory and taste testing, biochemical and nutritional analysis. Sustainable biofuels development is also a focus.

Research into natural products and functional foods explores enhancing nutritional quality and nutraceutical value of foods, as well as processes to realize these gains. Recent work has yielded a range of evidence-based nutraceuticals and early-stage products, from antioxidant-rich superfruits to food supplements and vitamin additions to sunscreens.

Human dietary intervention studies are also conducted, as well as work using animal models, bioassays, imaging and flow cytometry. Selected analytical and other services are provided on a fee-for-service or contract basis.

Areas of Expertise

  • Development of novel foods and food ingredients
  • Food authenticity
  • Bioproducts processing technologies
  • Sustainable biofuels development
  • Food chemistry
  • Microbial biotechnology
  • Food testing, tasting, and nutritional analysis
  • Nutrition and nutraceutical R&D
    • Human dietary intervention studies
    • Animal models, bioassays, imaging and flow cytometry
    • Biochemical and nutritional analysis
    • Functional food and nutraceutical product development