Physical Hydrology

Hydrology is the study of how water moves through the environment. The U of S has two specialized centres dedicated to cold regions hydrology research: the Global Institute for Water Security and the Centre of Hydrology. This research involves interdisciplinary teams working to understand how climate change, land management practices, and development of natural resources are affecting our water environment, and includes the development of improved modelling tools needed to sustainably manage water. The U of S has broad expertise in the following related areas: cold regions hydrology, climate change and water security, land-water management and environmental change, sustainable development of natural resources, socio-hydrology, water and health, water and wastewater treatment technologies, and groundwater and hydrogeology.

Areas of Expertise

  • Cold Regions Hydrology
  • Climate Change and Water Security
  • Land-water Management and Environmental Change
  • Sustainable Development of Natural Resources
  • Socio-hydrology
  • Water and Health
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment Technologies
  • Groundwater and Hydrogeology