Canadian Feed Research Centre

The Canadian Feed Research Centre (CFRC) is a national feeds research centre to research, develop and commercialize new and better high-value animal feeds from low-value crops and co-products from bioprocessing and biofuels industries.

Areas of Services

Advisory Service

  • Animal feed development and evaluation
  • Feed processing
  • Product development
  • Market feasibility analysis
  • CFIA feed registration
  • FDA/USDA/AAFCO regulatory advisement
  • Research network coordination
  • Project management
  • Research proposal development

Feed Processing Service (Commercial/Research Level)

  • Manufactory of diets to customer specifications in animal feeding and nutrition research studies (typical batch quantities produced may range from 50 kg to 20 tonnes and can be provided in bulk or in bags)
  • Examination of equipment, processing methods, processing conditions and feed ingredients on nutritional value and processing efficiency for both academic and industrial clients
  • Toll processing and facility rental for proprietary research
  • Scaling up of research findings to the industrial scale for effective and efficient transfer of technology to industry
  • Training and workshops

Analytical Lab Analysis (Standard/Customized)

CFRC employs a full-time laboratory technician and offers a variety of nutritional and anti-nutritional analyses on a fee for service basis. Please complete the FII Sample Submission Form and have it accompany your feed sample when shipping.