Hardware Bridge for High Speed Image Sensors

Most image sensors produce image data at very high data rates, designers cannot easily interface such sensors with low-cost microcontrollers since most microcontroller run at much slower speed and they have limited internal memory. Moreover, random access of pixels is not possible because pixel values are sent row-after-row by the image sensor. To overcome these problems, a digital-video-port (DVP) compatible bridge device, known as iBRIDGE, is designed to bridge any general-purpose image sensor with low-cost microcontrollers. It can be used in different embedded system applications such as pattern recognition, robotic vision, bio-medical imaging etc. The main advantage of iBRIDGE is to provide a compact, ready-made and easy-to-use solution that enables interfacing of commercial general-purpose image sensors with simple microcontrollers that are low-cost and easy-to-program, thus helps to shorten the design/development cycle time and facilitates rapid system prototyping of imaging application.