Metabolomics-based Test for Pulmonary Disorders

Respirlyte’s lead innovation is a urine‐based diagnostic to detect and monitor asthma. This assay is designed to help physicians distinguish asthma from other respiratory disorders, and provides them with an objective measure of severity of the disease. This technology is well‐positioned to explore the use of metabolomic‐based biomarkers in diagnosing and monitoring various asthma and non‐asthma conditions (e.g. COPD) and has the potential to be a prognostic and companion diagnostic. The company is currently conducting studies to investigate metabolites that predict impending worsening of disease (prognostic), and is interested in developing a companion diagnostic to specific asthma and COPD therapies.

Currently, Respirlyte is seeking research partners to develop and commercialize its lead product, and industry partners to study responder versus non‐responders to specific asthma and COPD therapies.