Novel Process of Production of Protein Concentrated Feedstuffs With Improved Nutrition Quality

Scientists at the University of Saskatchewan have developed a novel non-expensive process that produces protein enriched feed/food supplements from Canola meal and other by-products from vegetable-oil pressing industry, as well as DDGS from ethanol industry. Meanwhile, this process effectively removes many anti-nutritional factors such as non-starch polysaccharides, lectins, and phytates in Canola meal and even mycotoxins and pathogenic microorganisms in DDGS. Meanwhile, the process will generate two lines of value added products, a new high protein binding agent for feed pelleting and a new crystalline cellulose /starch gel for feed and pharmaceutical applications.

This technology will enable food/feed processing companies to produce high value protein enriched products from low price agricultural byproducts and new lines of value added products.