Research Excellence and Innovation

Supporting high-quality research activities

Turning discoveries into solutions the world needs

Research is how we channel our creativity to advance knowledge and understanding, challenge common assumptions, deliver benefits to our local and global communities, and shape and transform our world. To accomplish that, research activities must be done well, engage the right partners, and involve dreaming big about the kinds of solutions we can deliver.

Research Excellence and Innovation (REI), part of the Office of the VP Research, has a two-part, interrelated mandate:

  • Research Excellence: Supporting high-quality research activities, by helping researchers engage in strategic research partnerships, manage risk, and meet relevant ethics, legal and safety standards.
  • Innovation: Creating significant and sustainable value for society, industry and the environment, by helping researchers turn their discoveries into solutions the world needs.

REI’s services and supports span the lab-to-market spectrum:

  • Forging strategic research partnerships
    • Industry engagement and partnerships
    • Contracts and agreements with industry, governments and community partners
  • Supporting high-quality research activities
    • Animal care and research support (including animal ethics)
    • Human ethics
    • Responsibility for biosafety, radiation safety and cannabis licenses
  • Delivering solutions for society, industry and the environment
    • Intellectual property
    • Technology transfer
    • Enterprise creation
    • Research and commercialization legal services

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