With world-class expertise, state-of-the-art facilities and over 1000 full-time academic employees across a wide range of disciplines, the University of Saskatchewan is ready to partner with you to help solve the challenges faced by society and businesses today. We can help connect you with the best of the University, providing a guide to the critical specialized knowledge and first-class research facilities available here. We work with organizations of all types and sizes, charity, government, not-for-profit, local and international research institutions, and companies of all sizes, from the early stage start-up to multi-national enterprises.

Our office can assist in all aspects of developing a project, from identifying expertise, facilitating legal agreements,  through building a customized research plan in consultation with our academics, to ongoing project management. We can assist in locating funds to help augment your R&D budget. Beyond this, you will have the advantages of access to world-class academic experts, as well as bright, eager students to work on your projects.

We periodically organize events to link academia and industry. Find out more about AIMday™and when the next event will take place.

You can peruse some of our areas of expertise and the reseach facilities available on our Portal for Industry Engagement