Research Excellence and Innovation (REI) supports high-quality, ethically sound research and works with inventors and industry to move USask discoveries out into the world. REI’s services and supports span the lab-to-market spectrum:

Animal Care and Research Support

  • Staff support for the University Animal Care Committee and Animal Research Ethics Board, reviewing and approving all research and teaching with live vertebrate animals or cephalopods
  • Consultation, training and support (including Animal Use Protocol development; animal models; experimental design and techniques; animal welfare, care and husbandry; anesthesia and analgesia; euthanasia and necropsy)
  • Animal purchases, exports, and import permit acquisition
  • Regulatory and administrative guidance and support
  • Surgery, anesthesia and analgesia (animal health and experimental)
  • 24-hour veterinary medical care for research and teaching animals

Human Ethics

  • Staff support for the Behavioural and Biomedical Research Ethics Boards, reviewing and approving all research involving living human participants and human biological materials, to ensure adequate protection of participants while facilitating the progress of ethical research
  • Consultation, training and workshops

Biosafety, Radiation Safety and Cannabis

  • Oversight of activities conducted under the university’s biosafety, radiation safety and cannabis research licenses, as the license holder, in close collaboration with Safety Resources

Legal Services

  • Contracts and agreements, including research partnerships, material transfer agreements and non-disclosture agreements
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Advice and assistance with negotiations

Industry Engagement and Partnerships

  • Industry liaison services
  • Proactive prospecting for external partners
  • Portal for industry engagement

Technology Transfer and Enterprise Creation

  • Invention disclosure support and processing
  • Assessment the potential market and societal impact of new technologies
  • Proof-of-concept support (validation of performance and commercial readiness)
  • Intellectual property protection and management
  • Financial coordination
  • Advice and assistance with negotiations
  • Facilitation of spin-off start-ups