Undergraduate Research Opportunities

At the U of S we are working toward a simple yet ambitious goal: to enable all undergraduate students in having a meaningful research, scholarly or artistic experience during their program. We are fostering a culture of student scholarship which recognizes and celebrates the meaningful contributions our undergraduates can make and are already making. Research experience is just one of the ways that we’re prioritizing students: by providing an enriched academic experience to hone practical skills, boosting qualifications for further study as graduate students, and helping students to realize their dream careers.

Our goal is being achieved, as demonstrated by the following accomplishments:

  • 1 in 4 undergraduate students engages in a course-based research or experiential learning experience during their program. 
    • Class research projects require students to create a research question, investigate and analyze, and present results. Students develop professional skills by thinking critically, problem-solving, and working with their peers.
  • 1 in 10 undergraduate students have a research experience in their first year of university.
    • Students are learning about research early-on and building skills that will be developed throughout their program. 
  • Overall, 25% of undergraduate students contribute to research and discovery at the U of S. 
    • These students are going beyond simply hearing or thinking about research, and actually engaging with research themselves. 
  • Since 2014, over $1.2 million has been spent on funding nearly 400 Undergraduate Student Research Assistantships, wherein students assist professors with research during the summer months. 
    •  Learn more in "Research Assistantships".