Share Your Work

Undergraduate student Breanna Doucette-Garr shares her research as part of the research panel series, R(EX)3. Photo by Chelsea Phan.

One of the most vital and exciting stages of the research process is sharing the results of your work with others. The dissemination of knowledge is one of the main ways society can begin to benefit from academic work, and so publishing, discussing, and presenting your work is crucial. No matter how big or small your findings might seem, once you’ve shared your work, you have contributed to knowledge in your field.

The U of S is home to a growing number of avenues for undergraduates to share their research.


  • In 2014, undergraduate students launched the University of Saskatchewan Undergraduate Research Journal (USURJ). USURJ is a peer-reviewed, multi-disciplinary journal and a great way for undergraduates to publish their work by presenting it to a diverse audience. For more information on USURJ, visit their website, or browse their latest issue.
  • There are a great variety of other options for undergraduates interested in publishing their work. Consult our list of Undergraduate Research Journals which includes links to both multidisciplinary and discipline-specific journals.


  • There are a number of symposia and poster presentations hosted at the U of S. The Office of the Vice-President Research is also a proud sponsor of the campus-wide Undergraduate Project Symposium hosted by the University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union each January.


  • The university provides Student Travel Awards to help students cover the costs of traveling to conferences in other cities or countries to present their work. Students are encouraged to write a thorough application and to apply early. Many colleges also have their own funds for these types of academic activities, so you are encouraged to contact your college to see what support might be available to you.


  • The Undergraduate Research Initiative is also always looking to share student stories with the public through our website, social media, and as news stories. If you are interested in having us share your experience with the public, fill out our quick Research Submission Form.