Motivational Student Quotes

The USRA Summer Social and Poster Competition takes place in August each year. It showcases the accomplishments USRA recipients (see Undergraduate Student Research Assistantships). Each year, an undergraduate student is invited to deliver a speech on behalf of students – and they never disappoint. Below are a few of our favourite quotes:

Anyone Can Do Research

“You do not need to possess extraterrestrial super powers or be a world-class nerd to be interested in research.” – So Ri Lee, PAL Award winner (2015)

“Any mind is capable of profound thought, capable of an idea with such meaning that it belongs in our collective body of printed knowledge.” – Cale Passmore, undergraduate editor USURJ (2014)

“Although we may think of the work we are given at the undergraduate level is insufficient for publication or that our minds are not yet ready to engage in “real” research or established academic discourse, the success of [University of Saskatchewan’s Undergraduate Research Journal (USURJ)], like the Undergraduate Research Initiative, stands in testament to minds and talents of undergraduate students who are given the right opportunities.” – Cale Passmore, undergraduate editor USURJ (2014)

A child learning about research at the 2016 Spectrum Event.

Achieving Excellence

“Excellence cannot be achieved alone. Behind every Olympic athlete is a coach; behind every researcher is a mentor. Whether this was a supervisor, a grad student, or a fellow undergraduate, someone was likely there for you to turn to for guidance and support.” – Brooke Malinoski, VP Academic Affairs USSU (2016)

“Today, we only see the poster presentation—we only see the end product of your research. We not do not see the late nights, or the countless hours that it took in order to get here. We are not made aware of the self-doubt that you overcame when you were unsure as to whether you were on the right track, nor how you regained momentum after overcoming a roadblock in your studies. In spite of these hardships, you all persevered and have contributed to the research excellence of the University of Saskatchewan.” – Brooke Malinoski, VP Academic Affairs USSU (2016)

1st place winner, Matthew Nadeau, pictured with his award-winning poster at the 2016 USRA Poster Competition

A New Perspective

“By removing the cobwebs of ignorance and doubt, research helps us to understand complex issues around us, the significance of academia, and helps us to deeply resonate with the things taught in lectures by engaging in hands-on learning. It adds a new perspective and builds skills such as problem-solving skills and patience.” – So Ri Lee, PAL Award winner (2015)

“I had no idea that this opportunity would turn my worldview around. To my dear surprise, the more I got involved [with research on campus], I understood the importance of it all. I experienced the unreeling sense of accomplishment and excitement.” – So Ri Lee, PAL Award winner (2015)

Balloons-eye view photo of a snowy Saskatchewan, taken by 2015 Images of Research winner, Adam Vigneron.