USRA Vlogs

Undergraduate Student Research Assistantships (USRA) are one way to encourage new connections and to provide undergraduate students with the opportunity to experience research, scholarly or artistic work. Financial awards in matching funds are available to U of S researchers interested in hiring an undergraduate student over the summer months. The purpose of these awards is to provide undergraduate students with a meaningful research experience and authentic exposure to the practice of research.

Experiences from Summer of 2016
Students share advice for other undergraduates interested in research.
Students discuss what they learned during their research assistantship.
Students share the obstacles they overcame in their research.
Students talk about what they discovered over the summer.
Students relate their research experience to future plans and career goals.
Experiences from Summer of 2015
Julie Hunchak, 4th year Mechanical Engineering
Charlie Roy, 4th year Biology
Jingxuan Zhao, 2nd year Mechanical Engineering
John-Etienne Myburgh, 4th year Psychology
Hollee Minish and Courtney Aitken, 4th and 2nd year Nursing
Amanda Bunyamin, 2nd year Chemistry
Experiences from Summer of 2014

A 1st year student from the College of Arts and Science

A 2nd year student majoring in Finance from Edwards School of Business

A 3rd year Chemical Engineering student from the College of Engineering

A student from the College of Education 

An upper year student in Drama from the College of Arts & Science