USask agtech research is being spun-off to start successful companies, help improve society, and grow Saskatchewan's innovation ecosystem.

ABAzyne BioScience Inc. 

A Canadian agriculture biotech company that develops plant growth regulators—leading patented synthetic Abscisic Acid (ABA) analogs—for research, horticulture, and agriculture applications. ABAzyne also produces research chemicals to support academic and industrial research activities related to plant hormone signaling in plant growth and development and responses to stress and the environment.

The research portfolio is a product of 30-plus years of research led by USask adjunct chemistry researcher Sue Abrams and conducted initially at the National Research Council (NRC) of Canada and subsequently at USask, all in collaboration with industry, academia and producer-based partnerships. ABAzyne continues to conduct basic research with an expanding network of collaborators and strategic partners, in close relationship with USask and the Global Institute of Food Security.

Indigo Ag

A group of microbes living in plants discovered by USask food sciences researcher Vladimir Vujanovic and his research group improve seed germination, yield, and drought- and heat-stress resilience in more than 20 varieties of wheat, barley, pulses, and canola. The USask team developed the technology to apply these beneficial microbes to seeds, resulting in enhanced yields.

REI helped create Indigo as a startup company, providing a license to use the technology in return for equity and shares. The technology is licensed to Boston-based Indigo Agriculture and can now be sold to millions of farmers in the US with future registration possible in many more countries.


Prairie Tide Diversified Inc.

A natural products company started in 2010 founded on and fueled by the research of USask plant scientist Martin Reaney into flaxseed.

Based in Saskatoon, PTD is expanding the flaxseed grower’s market by creating revolutionary flaxseed products for small and large-scale consumers. Over the past ten years, the PTD product portfolio has grown to include novel flax snack foods, flax based dietary and health supplements, and oils for use by visual artists.


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