Research Mentorship Program

The Research Mentorship Program was officially launched in July, 2012 and is part of the 3rd Integrated Plan of Increasing Research Intensiveness. It supports new faculty to become more successful in reaching their research goals and potential via informative and interactive workshops on topics of choice, together with a personalized research mentorship team (PRMT) that consists of local and global research experts in the mentee’s research area of interest. The PRMT for each new faculty hire helps in their understanding the Departmental, College, and University research culture and expectations, assists with the development of their research vision/plan and its subsequent implementation and sustainability. The importance of forming research networks is emphasized for the mentee as a few expert research mentors, in the candidate’s area of research interest, either local or global, are sought to be part of the mentee’s mentorship team. Instructional experts can be easily added to the team to assist with the instructional scholarship questions of the candidate.

The Research Mentorship Program also provides annual workshops for any more established faculty that wish to learn more about best practices in becoming a research mentor for less established mentee.

The University Research Mentorship Program is a voluntary, yet highly encouraged program for any new faculty member in any discipline of study, or for any more established faculty member that needs mentorship assistance with their current research program. This Research mentorship program is a shared program between the central offices of the Provost and Vice President Research (for managing mentorship workshops and forums for new and established faculty) and the specific Colleges, Schools and Departments across campus, where the personalized research mentorship teams for each faculty member are formed and operationalized with the help of respective Deans, ADRs, Department Heads and research facilitators). This “umbrella” program is to augment and bring to the attention the many instructional and research support programs on campus for faculty.

Effective mentorship programs for new faculty have been shown globally to enhance their academic career success. This program can and will assist faculty in reaching tenure and promotion, and in so doing helps candidates in promoting best practices of mentorship unto their students and fellow faculty members.



Research Mentorship Program for New Faculty, Established 2012

The University of Saskatchewan wants to promote the vision statement to enhance the research success and productivity of new faculty by providing, as one step, the establishment of a Research Mentorship Program for all new tenure track faculty hired in July, 2012 and beyond.  This program will be a collaborative undertaking between Colleges, Schools, Departments or Research Units and the Offices of the Vice-President Research and the Office of the Vice-Provost.

Vision Document

Establishing and Maintaining Personalized Research Mentorship Teams for New Faculty 2014

The Personalized Research Mentorship Teams (PRMT) at the University of Saskatchewan are a customized research team support system to help plan and subsequently help implement the research vision and plan of the new mentee for the next five years. The team approach is to give constructive advice so that the new member has every opportunity to be as successful as possible in reaching their research goals.

Guidelines/Suggestions to Assist in the Establishment and Maintenance of Personalized Research Mentorship Teams (PRMTs) for New Faculty (2014)

Video of the functioning and effectiveness of Personalized Research Mentorship Teams for 2 faculty members within the College of Kinesiology
Survey results from University conducted by SSRL to new faculty members hired over the last 4 years and to their respective administrators regarding personalized research mentorship teams
Three published articles from Kathryn Sutherland (2009) regarding factors toward Early Career Academic Success of New Faculty
List of Research Mentorship Workshops (2011-2016)
Research Mentorship references