Building a better Saskatoon through research

Research Junction is a partnership between the City of Saskatoon and the University of Saskatchewan to support the development of collaborative research projects that address contemporary urban issues for the benefit of Saskatoon residents. As the City and university continue to grow together, combining the expertise of City staff with the aspirations of USask's students and researchers will help shape a vibrant culture of discovery and innovation. 

This is a major initiative under the USask-City of Saskatoon Memorandum of Understanding. Research Junction will build bridges between City of Saskatoon staff and USask students and researchers by supporting partnership development, navigating administrative processes, and promoting opportunities.

Develop a Research Partnership

Research Junction can support City staff and USask researchers who are interested in developing a research partnership. We can work with you to identify the best person at the City or university for you to partner with, while supporting you through the partnership development stage and navigating administrative processes at both organizations.

Step 1: Contact to share your idea for a research project. If you need help finding a City expert or USask researcher to work with, we can help you identify a partner.

Step 2: Develop a research project with your partner. Research Junction can help facilitate this process.

Step 3: Sign a project charter to enable collaboration.

Step 4: Showcase your research project with Research Junction.

Types of Research Projects

Research partnerships between a USask researcher and City staff member can take many forms, including:
  1. Research projects supported by in-kind contributions.
  2. Externally funded grants and projects on which the City and USask partner.
  3. City-driven research with ear-marked funding for research purposes.
  4. City data for research purposes.


A variety of USask programs support hands-on, experiential learning and research. USask instructors can partner with the City to provide these opportunities.

Opportunities available through existing USask programs include:

  1. Work placements through internships or co-op placements.
  2. Course-based research projects, First Year Research Experience, or 4th year capstone projects.
  3. Paid employment through Undergraduate Summer Research Assistantships, Mitacs, or others.
  4. Masters or PhD thesis work.
  5. City data for research purposes.

Funding Opportunities

2020 Research Junction Development Grant Competition

The City of Saskatoon and University of Saskatchewan have launched a request for proposals for the 2020 Research Junction Development Grant to support research projects carried out by USask researchers in partnership with City of Saskatoon staff. The Research Junction Development Grant will provide a total of $100,000 in funding. Individual grants may range from $10,000 to $30,000. 

Competition details can be found here.

The application form can be found here.

Applications are due at 4:00pm on October 2, 2020

 If you have an idea for a research poject and need help finding a partner, please contact and we can facilitate the process. Please note, partnership identification and facilitation can take up to a month before work begins on proposal development. 

Library Resources for City Staff

City of Saskatoon employees with questions about accessing library services at USask are invited to contact:

Sarah Rutley
Data, GIS & Government Information Librarian
(306) 966-5988

Benefits of Research Partnerships

For City Staff

  • Find tailored solutions to complex community challenges
  • Explore creative and innovative projects
  • Expand the scope of your projects and find broad solutions
  • Access analyzed City data to inform decision making
  • Work with students and gain new insights into the next generation of employees

For Researchers

  • Explore contemporary real-life issues and provide community solutions
  • Access City resources, data and expertise for research projects
  • Co-develop experiential learning and research opportunities for students


USask researchers can contact:
Meaghan Risling
Project Coordinator, Strategic Research Initiatives

City of Saskatoon staff can contact:
Galen Heinrichs
Strategy and Transformation, City of Saskatoon