Signature Areas of Research: Agriculture

Food and bioproducts for a sustainable future


Projections show that food production must double by 2050 to feed the world's growing population. USask is working to strengthen Saskatchewan's agricultural leadership with new science, technology and policies to help feed a hungry world adequately, safely and sustainably.


Signature Area Lead: Prof. Trever Crowe (PhD) 


About the Signature Area

The University of Saskatchewan (USask) is a global leader in agricultural research and advancement, with roots dating back to 1909. USask plays a leading role across the sector on local, national and international fronts, with a reputation of excellence and a commitment to the responsible and sustainable advancement ofthe agriculture industry. Our deep history drives the Agriculture Signature Area of Research as it addresses some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

Supporting the coordinated and interdisciplinary efforts needed to feed the world, USask’s Agriculture Signature Area of Research is addressing issues of food security, production efficiencies and policy in the face of a changing climate and a growing global population. The intersection of these challenges calls for coordinated, innovative and swift responses that address the priorities and needs of farmers, industry partners, governments and consumers. To be what the world needs, USask researchers are discovering, growing and evolving the agricultural products and practices of tomorrow.


Notable Areas of Research

  • Innovating advancements that create enhanced crop varieties, breed-diverse and disease-resistant animals, and novel protein alternatives to more efficiently and sustainably produce food through the use of digital (precision) agriculture.
  • Supporting crop resiliency by maximizing soil, root and plant health and insect resistance in a changing climate.
  • Keeping food and agricultural products safe, available and trustworthy through the development of meaningful economic and public policy.

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