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It starts with working together,

We have six research Signature Areas

Signature (noun): a characteristic mark that serves to to set apart or identify (Webster's Dictionary)
Signature area (noun), \ˈsig-nə-ˌchu̇r ˈā-rē-ə\: areas of outstanding achievement enabled by our research capacity, investments, history and sense of place.(U of S)

What is a signature area? Watch an overview:

Using the best tools,


The best minds need the best support. U of S has some of the most advanced research facilities, centres, and networks in the world.

Our facilities

The Canadian Light Source synchrotron, the International Vaccine Centre, and the Saskatchewan Centre for Cyclotron Sciences are some of our exceptional facilities.

 Our centres

With the Global Institute for Food Security and the Global Institute for Water Security and numerous other centres -- U of S is changing the world.

Reaching new heights,

U of S scientists and scholars are winning awards and breaking new ground in research.

Discover our expertise

U of S has stellar research talent, including Canada Excellence Research Chairs, Canada Research Chairs, Industrial Research Chairs, Centennial Research Chairs, Saskatchewan Research Chairs, and named chairs.

Celebrate our award winners

Our researchers are garnering attention from all sides.  Sometimes, it's OK to brag.

Take advantage of our Canada First Research Excellence Fund Programs

U of S is only university to have been awarded two CFREFs. Exclusivity has its benefits.

Read our newest publications

See our latest findings, hot off the presses.

Visit the Office of the Vice-President Research

Connect to all the essential information. Find contacts, forms, ethical guidelines, and much more!

Sharing our knowledge and talent with the world,

You're not alone!

Watch stories of great U of S cross-cultural opportunities and international student successes.

Building strong foundations,

How can students like you

get involved in research?

 Get involved, today!

Whether in the lab or out in the field, great adventure awaits you. Search for great undergraduate research opportunities, here.

 Read student success stories

Getting involved in research can seem intimidating. Students can make a difference.  We feature stories of graduates and post docs in our Young Innovators series.  Undergrads are integral to research, too.

 Everything you want to know about research but are afraid to ask

The journey of 1,000 miles starts with a single step, but where do you start?

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Remembering our origins,

To keep focused on the horizon, you need to be firmly rooted in the past.


An evolution in healthcare

How do you improve medicine? One evidence-based step at a time.

Targeting cancer

The Cobalt-60 'cancer bomb' saved the lives of millions. We have U of S researchers to thank.

Deo et Patriae

For 110 years, research has been at our core. Take a walk through time.

And turning our ideas into solutions.

With an entrepreneurial approach, Innovation Enterprise, turns ideas and technologies developed here into solutions for the benefit of society, industry and the environment.

 Be inspired by our ingenuity

We're putting the genius in ingenius, and the ingenius in your company.

Learn to turn your idea into a commercial success

Go from napkin-back to ready-to-launch with our Innovator's Guide!

 Find the help your idea needs

Put U of S Researchers in your corner to help your business succeed.  

 Fast License to success

Access USask technology faster and easier -- get a license in a snap.

 You have an idea! Now what?

Students are learning the art/science of entrepreneurship.  

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